Playing the Field of Love, Sports or Sexcapades

Playing the Field

/plāi ng/    /T͟Hē/   /fēld/


What does it mean?

-a sports term usually related to soccer, football or any sport played on a field.

-when a person dates numerous people but is in no serious relationships.

-to have many romantic or sexual relationships

As we prepare to hear some of the greatest dating woes and wins in Dallas history, let us take a moment to learn a little something about dating from the 40 Year Old Virgin…

Grab your Valentine or your best bud and bring them out to Playing the Field on February 12th! 

Oral Press: Art & Seek

Art and seek_1

“When you put into words an experience that you’ve had in your life, it dissipates energy,” a newly wed Stewart tells me, as we sit in her brand-new home in northeast Dallas. “If it had been holding some kind of power over you, it can release. And that’s the catharsis that comes.”

Lyndsay Knecht with Art & Seek wrote a splendid article on Oral Fixation! She captured beautifully the story writing and editing process that each of our storytellers experience, as she followed the process of David Hopkins, who appeared in Baby Steps.
Read all of the article here and listen to David Hopkins rehearse his story for Baby Steps.

And don’t forget to get your tickets for Playing the Field, the next show in Season 2!

Hari Mari Puts Flip-Flops on Storytellers

Oral Fixation is proud to announce a new sponsorship provided by Hari Mari!

Starting with our next show, Cloud Nine, and for the rest of Season 2, Hari Mari will be providing one pair of their great flip-flops to each storyteller. We at Oral Fixation are really excited about this opportunity as we wanted to do something special for our storytellers as a token of appreciation for their hard work and braving the spotlight. We think Hari Mari is the bee’s knees when it comes to flip flops. They are a local Dallas-based company focused on not only improving the fashion and comfort of our feet, but also on bettering the community by giving $3 for every pair purchased to help fight pediatric cancer. They call it “Flops Fighting Cancer”.

Here is what Hari Mari had to say about the sponsorship:

“Hari Mari is proud & pumped to partner with Oral Fixation. It’s compelling & motivating to hear the true life stories told at Oral Fixation. We find it very fitting to help put flip-flops on the feet of storytellers so they can go out in the world to create & share more stories. Hopefully our narrative of a steadfast commitment to making a great flip-flop that also helps a lot of incredibly brave children is one they’ll take with them.”

If you’ve been thinking about submitting a story, now there is even more motivation to go for it. Submit your story to Oral Fixation today!

Check out some recent shots taken in & around Deep Ellum featuring their new line of Hari Mari Scouts (due out Spring 2013) and be sure to check out their story of “Flops Fighting Cancer”.

Oral Press: The Advocate

We love it when others are excited about Oral Fixation, so naturally we were thrilled when the Advocate decided this month to feature our very own Nicole Stewart’s obsession with stories. 

Photo by Can Türkyilmaz

Read and listen here as Nicole discusses her love of stories and her desire to spread it around Dallas.

And don’t forget to get your tickets for Cloud Nine on January 22 at 7:30 PM @ the MAC.

Order them here!

Get Ready to Experience Cloud Nine!

We still have some storyteller slots to fill, and we know you’re out there, itching to tell us your stories.

Ever experienced a month, week, day, minute, heck, a MOMENT even, of pure, unadulterated bliss?  Whether it’s love at first sight, a honeymoon, the perfect revenge, or the most wonderful news that sent you spinning in happiness, we want to hear about that dream-come-true time in your life. Or maybe it’s none of that.  Maybe you have had an experience up in the air, in a plane, a hot air balloon or a helicopter, that is worth sharing.  Or a fascination with clouds.  Think about it. Read more

Fixation Folio: Our Storytelling Archive

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We Want Your Stories.

Everyone Has a Story. And We Want to Read Yours. 


Oral Fixation is looking for submissions for Season 2. 


Here’s What You Need to Know:

Your story must be true, have happened to you, and should be approximately 1200 words in length.

How Does Submitting Work?

It’s super easy. Simply go to the submissions page on our website.

There, you fill out a bit of personal information and upload your story.

If we feel like your piece is well-suited for the show, Nicole Stewart will then contact you.

If you are accepted, you’ll then go through an editing process to pull forth the truthiest, juiciest parts of your story and get you ready for the stage.  You’ll attend a rehearsal and on the night of the show you’ll read your story from the page.

Doesn’t this sound like fun? Read more

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