Our Eyes Are Fixed On Suzette Drouillard


Suzette Drouillard, hopeless romantic and lover of ice rinks, will make her debut on the Oral Fixation stage for “Elephant in the Room.”

Suzette Drouillard still plays with toys and likes to hand out stickers to kids waiting at airports. She’s spent over 30 years working in Telecommunications, which really let her use that Geology degree. A recent transplant from Princeton, she’s having fun exploring Texas with starry-eyed wonder and hiking with wild boars.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On Darrin Larson


The delightful Darrin Larson is making a quick return to the Oral Fixation stage for “Elephant in the Room.”

Darrin Larson, a native Californian recently seen in “No Strings Attached”, enjoys writing about being a father to a teenage daughter and adapting to life in Texas. His work has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, where he was a community voices columnist for a year. He works for the federal government and lives in McKinney. 

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On Melissa Smrekar


Lover of films and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Melissa Smrekar will make her debut on the Oral Fixation stage for “Elephant in the Room!”

Melissa is a fourth generation Dallasite with an affection for soufflés, sundresses, birthdays and books. Melissa currently works as the director of communications for a local nonprofit and spends her free time working on a collection of short stories and plotting the next stamp in her passport.

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Oral History: “No Strings Attached”

Oral Fixation’s jam-packed third season continued with its hot and spicy Valentine’s show!  

The cast of Oral Fixation "No Strings Attached"
The cast of Oral Fixation “No Strings Attached”

In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of that magical evening: 

T’was an unseasonably balmy evening at the Winspear, and with yet another sold-out house and fabulous group of storytellers with a wide range of tales to tell, this eve was sure to be one for the books!

Oral-Fixation_No-Strings-Attached 3

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Brandon Castillo


Brandon Castillo, founder of the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market, will make his debut on the Oral Fixation stage for “No Strings Attached!”

Brandon Castillo was born in NYC, raised in Sherman, TX, high schooled in Dallas, educated at Pitzer College, expatriated to Madrid, and finally repatriated to Texas. Brandon is the owner and operator of Deep Ellum Outdoor Market and the Deep Ellum Postal and Grocer. He married the best girl in the world 4 weeks ago.

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“Elephant in the Room”

/ˈeləfənt/ /in/ / T͟Hē/ /ro͞om/

elephant 3

What does it mean?

-An obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about.

-A very large issue that everyone is acutely aware of, but nobody wants to talk about. Perhaps a sore spot, perhaps politically incorrect, or perhaps a political hot potato, it’s something that no one wants to touch with a ten foot pole. (Urban Dictionary)

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We Want Your Stories.

Everyone Has a Story. And We Want to Read Yours. 


Oral Fixation is looking for submissions for Season 2. 


Here’s What You Need to Know:

Your story must be true, have happened to you, and should be approximately 1200 words in length.

How Does Submitting Work?

It’s super easy. Simply go to the submissions page on our website.

There, you fill out a bit of personal information and upload your story.

If we feel like your piece is well-suited for the show, Nicole Stewart will then contact you.

If you are accepted, you’ll then go through an editing process to pull forth the truthiest, juiciest parts of your story and get you ready for the stage.  You’ll attend a rehearsal and on the night of the show you’ll read your story from the page.

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