Meet the Cast of “Partner in Crime”


Don’t miss these upcoming stories told live @ Dallas City Performance Hall on Tuesday, February 2.

Could there be a better way to break into 2016 than to nab some tickets and together with your accomplices, plan an escape to Dallas City Performance Hall for Tuesday, Feb 2nd, when Big D’s dynamic live storytelling series for adults, Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales), presents “Partner in Crime?” We’re kicking it off big and broad: gangsters, bank robbers, armored truck heists, first loves, best friends, acid-dropping golfers, middle-school shoplifting, and a four-legged accessory after the fact. The evidence is in and the jury has ruled — on this crew, you can make bank. In the meantime, how about some quick introductions?

  • Darius Frasure lives soaked in the gangster life, where fighting, guns, and death are every day occurrences.
  • Finding a partner who truly “gets her,” Haven Abedin puzzles over love and destiny.
  • Lyndol Woodruff and his running buddy Cody can’t seem to catch a break; could stealing, doing drugs, and repeatedly going to jail have something to do with it?
  • Hanging in New Orleans coffeehouses, welder Brooke Lancaster bonds with a coworker who seems to know a lot about planning a heist.
  • Dana Proux-Willis and her fellow eighth-grade criminals become masters of middle-school mayhem.
  • Escaping a frighteningly abusive relationship, Nicole Fillion-Robin finds solace in the most unlikely of places.
  • Simply trying to get home to Texas, Paul Yanez and his dog Ahgee stall out in a Colorado junkyard.

Join us on Tuesday, February 2, at 8 p.m. at Dallas City Performance Hall. $25 indivudal tickets are on sale now. More info to come on every storyteller as their profile is published in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to see you there!

It’s Showtime!


Dallas’ super-hot live storytelling series for adults returns tonight with the second show of its 5th Season at the stunning Dallas City Performance Hall in the heart of the Arts District. This moth’s “In The Doghouse,” theme provided some of our most laugh-out-loud stories to date, and you’ll surely want to be there when we really start hitting our stride.

Oral Fixation’s fifth season, continues with a “wild, “In The Doghouse”-themed show. There, seven Dallasites will explore both the literal and the figurative meanings of being “In The Doghouse,” from tales of childhood hijinks and tug-at-your-heart dog adoption stories, to one incredible true life tale about a drug dealer who gets kidnapped and tortured by cartel henchmen for 40 days in a Juarez safe house. Needless to say, this 80-minute evening is not to be missed!

Have you ever been to our new venue Dallas City Performance Hall?  It is simply amazing. Located at 2520 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201, the venue is situated between the Wyly Theatre and One Arts Plaza, across the street from Booker T. Washington High School in the heart of the Arts District.  From the comfortable built-in movie theatre-style seating to the fact you can bring your alcoholic beverages into the theatre to its state of the art lights, video and sound capabilities, it is going to rock your world! Valet and self-parking is available at One Arts Plaza, surface lots on Ross Avenue or park free at a meter on Ross. Surrounding dining options before the shows include Lark on the Park, Proof + Pantry, Savor and Stephen Pyles. You’re going to want to make a habit of catching up with friends at our shows and hitting the town.

Flex passes and $25 individual tickets can be purchased at the door, by phone at (888) 454-4353, or online through Prekindle. Group and student discounts are available. Students show their ID at the door for $15 tickets.

Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Hal Karp

Hal Karp

Hal Karp learned the hard way that being a frequent victim of bullying can oft spur the development of a keen sense of humor. This month, he’ll get a hilarious brand of revenge when he takes the Oral Fixation stage for “In the Doghouse.”

When Hal Karp was eight, his day camp left him in the Rocky Mountains to walk home. He’s still trying to get there. In the meantime, he’s been published in 19 languages, delivered the World’s Largest Postcard to the President and helped the FBI snag the Internet’s most- bizarre cyber-stalker.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Pollo Corral


This month, former drug dealer Pollo Corral hits the Oral Fixation stage for “In the Doghouse,” where his tale of torture at the hands of the Mexican cartel will instantly become one of the most intense ever featured at one of our shows. 

Pollo Corral is the founder of LOVE in motion, which is not a porn site, but a church. He believes that putting others before self can change everything. Pollo’s been married for 12 years to a girl he dated for only two months. They live in Uptown with their kids.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Wayne Applebaum


Wayne Applebaum is a man that gets things done. And this month, he’ll return to the Oral Fixation for “In the Doghouse” to talk about the time he and his wife moved into a new house, had a baby, adopted a dog, commuted back and forth to his job in Sweden and hosted a Thanksgiving party all in the same month.

Wayne Applebaum spends his waking hours at Avalon Consulting, LLC. He lives in Plano with his wife, Beth, two cats and two dogs. They have two adult children. He loves the Dallas Arts District, TITAS, the DTC, the DMA, Whole Foods and is hopelessly addicted to binge-watching West Wing.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Christie Wallace


For Christie Wallace, watching animal videos online is her reminder that there is at least some good left in the world. Later this month, the stage veteran will make her Oral Fixation debut as part of “In the Doghouse,” — which is fitting, because Christie’s motto is, “There’s always room for another dog in the house.”

Christie Wallace  is a performer and instructor at Dallas Comedy House in Deep Ellum. She also works for the popular web comic Cyanide & Happiness. When she’s not making people laugh she enjoys yoga, reading,and binge watching Naked and Afraid. She has three dogs, a cat and a fiancé.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Jim Kuenzer

jim kuenzer

An early connoisseur of R-rated comedy, Jim Kuenzer has a knack for jokes. Later this month, he’ll use humor as an icebreaker in his  laugh-filled “In the Doghouse” tale.

Jim Kuenzer is a writer, musician, photographer, actor, father of three and stepfather of three more. He can afford to do these things (especially the parenting) by working as a Digital Content Strategist. Wow. Just did the math. Six kids. Wow.

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“Too Many Cooks”



What does it mean?

– When too many people work together on a project, the result is inferior. (source:

– used for saying that something may be done badly if too many people try to do it together. (source: Macmillan Dictionary).

Example Sentences:

There were so many people working on the same project, no one knew what anyone else was doing. I think it was a case of too many cooks.(source: The Free Dictionary).

“That project failed miserably, there were five people in charge of it and no one could come to an agreement, just too many cooks in the kitchen” (source: Urban Dictionary).

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Allison Hatfield

allison and peluso driving

For Allison Hatfield it’s all dogs all the time. This month, the veteran storyteller returns to the Oral Fixation stage for the third time for “In the Doghouse,” where she’ll talk about meeting the latest addition to her pack. 

Allison Hatfield is a lover, fighter and cupcake eater. She prefers sunrise to sunset, chocolate to vanilla and dogs to cats. This is her third time to appear on the Oral Fixation stage. Unlike in previous tales, in her story for “In the Doghouse,” she keeps all of her clothes on the whole time.

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