Hari Mari Puts Flip-Flops on Storytellers

Oral Fixation is proud to announce a new sponsorship provided by Hari Mari!

Starting with our next show, Cloud Nine, and for the rest of Season 2, Hari Mari will be providing one pair of their great flip-flops to each storyteller. We at Oral Fixation are really excited about this opportunity as we wanted to do something special for our storytellers as a token of appreciation for their hard work and braving the spotlight. We think Hari Mari is the bee’s knees when it comes to flip flops. They are a local Dallas-based company focused on not only improving the fashion and comfort of our feet, but also on bettering the community by giving $3 for every pair purchased to help fight pediatric cancer. They call it “Flops Fighting Cancer”.

Here is what Hari Mari had to say about the sponsorship:

“Hari Mari is proud & pumped to partner with Oral Fixation. It’s compelling & motivating to hear the true life stories told at Oral Fixation. We find it very fitting to help put flip-flops on the feet of storytellers so they can go out in the world to create & share more stories. Hopefully our narrative of a steadfast commitment to making a great flip-flop that also helps a lot of incredibly brave children is one they’ll take with them.”

If you’ve been thinking about submitting a story, now there is even more motivation to go for it. Submit your story to Oral Fixation today!

Check out some recent shots taken in & around Deep Ellum featuring their new line of Hari Mari Scouts (due out Spring 2013) and be sure to check out their story of “Flops Fighting Cancer”.

Our Current Fix: StoryCorps

If you have listened to NPR at all in the past few months, you’ve probably heard of something called StoryCorps.

And if you don’t know what it is, haven’t heard about what they are doing or listened to one of their many recorded stories, well, come a little closer and lend us your ears. StoryCorps is one of our current fixes and it’s about to become yours too!

So what is StoryCorps? Read more

Oral Press: The Advocate

We love it when others are excited about Oral Fixation, so naturally we were thrilled when the Advocate decided this month to feature our very own Nicole Stewart’s obsession with stories. 

Photo by Can Türkyilmaz

Read and listen here as Nicole discusses her love of stories and her desire to spread it around Dallas.

And don’t forget to get your tickets for Cloud Nine on January 22 at 7:30 PM @ the MAC.

Order them here!

Story from “Home Is Where The Heart Is”: Anton Schlesinger

Oral Fixation’s own, Anton Schlesinger, braved the challenge of becoming an Oral Fixation Storyteller and shared his story to show that anyone can get in front of the spotlight.

Theme: “Home Is Where The Heart Is”
Storyteller: Anton Schlesinger

Oral Fixation’s own Anton Schlesinger speaks candidly about tumultuous career decisions, relationship woes and a move from coast-to-coast that all led to a fate-filled meeting.

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Story from “Home Is Where The Heart Is”: Mac Lower

To kick of the next show full of stories from “Home Is Where The Heart Is” and our first published story of 2013, we present an Oral Fixation fixture, Mac Lower.

Theme: “Home Is Where The Heart Is”
Storyteller: Mac Lower

Mac Lower shares a heartwarming tale of the special relationship he had with his grandmother and her home in Perry, Georgia.  “Home is where there is someone to love me.”

Make sure to follow our RSS, Podcasts, Social Media (Facebook & Twitter) streams and now our YouTube Channel to stay up to date on the published stories. So if you missed out on any of the past shows, you finally get your chance to catch up on the action.

Floating on Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine
/kloud/  /nīn/


What Does it Mean?

1. a state of happiness, elation or bliss; often used in the phrase, “on cloud nine.”

2. Popular etymology references the 1896 edition of the International Cloud Atlas which defined ten types of clouds. The book defined the ninth cloud as the cumulonimbus, which rises to 10 km (6.2 miles), the highest a cloud can be.

3. Research also suggests the sense in this and other expressions might be because, “As the largest one-figure integer, nine is sometimes used for emphasis.” The phrase  appears in the 1935 aviation-based play “Ceiling Zero” by Frank Wilber Wead.

Learn a little something from the Temptations’1968 hit single, “Cloud Nine.”

Oral History: Cold Turkey

Last Tuesday marked Oral Fixation’s second show of the second season and my oh my was it a good one! 

With a sold-out, jam-packed, super excited audience at The MAC, “Cold Turkey” was immediately a memorable hit on the Oral Fixation stage. There was a little bit of everything, from Jennifer Clasen’s harrowing tale of heroine addiction to Whitney Presley’s hilarious account of a proposal from a toothless pilgrim at Plymouth Rock, to stories of quitting love, smoking and drinking cold turkey. Read more

Get Ready to Experience Cloud Nine!

We still have some storyteller slots to fill, and we know you’re out there, itching to tell us your stories.

Ever experienced a month, week, day, minute, heck, a MOMENT even, of pure, unadulterated bliss?  Whether it’s love at first sight, a honeymoon, the perfect revenge, or the most wonderful news that sent you spinning in happiness, we want to hear about that dream-come-true time in your life. Or maybe it’s none of that.  Maybe you have had an experience up in the air, in a plane, a hot air balloon or a helicopter, that is worth sharing.  Or a fascination with clouds.  Think about it. Read more

Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Randy Brooks

The Man Behind “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” and Storyteller on the Oral Fixation Stage.

Randy  Brooks is inevitably introduced – even at the most inappropriate times – as “the man who wrote ‘Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer’”  In addition to singer/songwriter gigs, he plays bass with pool party band, The Bad Monkeys, and is the recorded voice of the American Airlines AAdvantage program.
If he were to write his biography, he would title it, “One Hit Wonder.”
When asked about what he wants to be when he grows up, Randy answered, “a two-hit wonder.”
Randy would love to meet the Beatles or anyone in their inner circle and can often be spotted at Poor David’s Pub. Read more

Our Eyes are Fixed On: Jennifer Clasen

A Lover of the Sound of Nothing in the Sahara Desert and Newcomer to the Oral Fixation Stage. 

Jennifer Clasen’s degree in International Relations allowed her to work at the U.N. and State Department until deciding that bureaucracy is a drag.  Currently living in McKinney, she hangs whenever possible with her daughter. She aims to return to the legal field, focusing on international law outside bureaucracies.

If she were to write her biography, she would title it, True Story, However Unlikely It May Seem.

If you look hard enough, you may find Jennifer sipping something at the Double Wide and remembering her boundless expectations for the future from her childhood. Read more

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