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This is my absolute favorite time of year at Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales)! We’re three short weeks away from our Season 5 premiere, and though our work is coming fast and furious, it’s also taking shape with stories and storytellers who will blow you away. This is going to be our best year yet — but we need your help! Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the future of storytelling in Dallas today.


At our recent Season 4 wrap party, more than one storyteller clasped my hands and with tears in their eyes confided, “Oral Fixation has changed my life!”  And they’re not the only ones.  After every show, I’ve been humbled by audience members sharing with me a similar sentiment. It delights me to know we are fulfilling our mission of bringing together the community through sharing true, personal stories.  And I’m inviting you to be a more involved part of our community. Read more

Meet the Cast of “Push the Envelope”


Don’t miss these upcoming stories told live @ Dallas City Performance Hall on Wednesday September 16

Catch up on your correspondence ASAP, because Dallas’ always buzzy live storytelling series for adults returns Wednesday, September 16. And when Oral Fixation kicks off its fifth season, it will not only do so with a “Push the Envelope” themed show, but in its new home at the stunning Dallas City Performance Hall, the series’ largest locale to date. There, seven Dallasites will share some unconventional, boundary-pushing true life tales. But first, some introductions are in order.
  • Will Richey shares the story behind his passion for helping others express themselves.
  • Social change activist Christian Yazdanpanah reveals how his childhood struggle with poverty inspires him to push for educational reform.
  • Mary Kreider faces her biggest fear in public speaking class.
  • After a painful chapter in his life, Donald Griswold discovers the healing power of love through adopting a neglected Russian baby.
  • Suzette Drouillard deepens her relationship with her daughter by sending 28 cards in 28 days for her 28th birthday.
  • After wandering far from his Orthodox Jewish upbringing in NYC, Wayne Applebaum finds his limits tested when his son develops leukemia.
  • Justin Nygren takes a huge risk professionally to keep his family afloat.
Join us on Wednesday, September 16, at Dallas City Performance HallTickets are on sale now. More info to come on every storyteller as their profile is published in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to see you there!

Oral History: “Best of Season 4”

Storytelling took over the Dallas Museum of Art Saturday night with Oral Fixation’s presentation of the “Best of Season 4.”  Many first-timers attended the show and were moved to tears and laughter by the incredible lineup of storytellers selected from fan favorites from last season.

After a brief summer hiatus, Oral Fixation returned to Horchow Auditorium with an evening of true-life tales representing the very best storytelling Dallas has to offer.  This Saturday night event packed the house to the gills with a diverse audience that was buzzing with energy.  Creator Nicole Stewart took the stage to announce the upcoming 5th season’s new venue, dates and themes.  A short video featuring clips of the storytellers backstage folllowed.

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“Push the Envelope”

pʊš ðə ɛnvəlop

What does it mean?

to stretch established limits, as in technological advance or social innovation. (source:

to go further than the usual limits by doing something new, dangerous, etc.: We’re really pushing the envelope on this technology; a lot of other companies are just playing catch-up. (source Cambridge Dictionary).

-to approach the limits of what is possible or acceptable

Example Sentences:

My best friend likes to push the envelope when we go drinking by forcing me to drink too much.

My cousin is always pushing the envelope by criticizing his parents in rude ways.

Our teacher pushes the envelope by asking us to do activities that are very difficult.

A: Is everything okay?
B: Yes.
A: I don’t want to push the envelope, but what would you think if we started dating other people?
B: We’re married! That’s totally unacceptable!

(source: Idiom Meanings)

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Best of Season 4 Cast Announced at Season 4 Wrap Party!


Recapping Season 4

Our Season 4 wrap party was a very special afternoon.  50 storytellers, members and sponsors mixed and mingled among the friendly sculptures at Dallas artist Brad Oldham’s studio store on Ross downtown near the Aquarium.  Deep Eddy provided delicious cocktails and Dive Restaurant offered light bites to celebrate the past season.  From adding a second performance at Texas Theatre and the free “Meet & Greet the Cast” event in Oak Cliff to record ticket sales averaging 400 a month to great sponsors and increased donations, it was a remarkable year.  The group gathered to hear the announcement of who had been voted to favorite storytellers of Season 4. Read more

Oral History: “Destination America”

OF_DestinationAmerica_DMA 2

“Destination America,” Oral Fixation’s packed collaboration with the Dallas Museum of Art’s Arts & Letters Live and SOLUNA International Art & Music Festival, was a night to remember, celebrating the amazing endurance of the human spirit through the true stories of immigrants and refugees!

To start off the evening, youth guitar ensemble La Rondalla from Oak Cliff played a lively set. Then, SOLUNA resident artist Monte Laster presented a stunning film entitled Destinations, which featured each of the storytellers interacting with a work of art from the Dallas Museum of Art that resonated with their journey.

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Vote for the Best of Season 4

Help Us Cast the “Best Of Season 4”

The “Best of Season 4” is coming up on August 15th @ the DMA’s Horchow Auditorium, but first we need your help to pick the cast! Please vote in our survey below or click here.
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“Happy Camper” featuring Ken Bethea

Theme: “Happy Camper”
Storyteller: Ken Bethea

Oral Fixation’s very own rockstar, Ken Bethea, took the stage with an inspiring story about going from “the copy man” to a bona fide rock star in less than three years. In peeling back the curtain of how he formed the Old 97’s, Ken reminded the audience that, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

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“Happy Camper” featuring Melissa Smrekar

Theme: “Happy Camper”
Storyteller: Melissa Smrekar

With her signature sarcasm and sass, veteran storyteller Melissa Smrekar returned to the Oral Fixation stage with an uproarious tale of her complicated relationship with The Great Outdoors that left the audience buckling over in laughter. In telling the story of a mandatory eighth grade camping trip, Melissa revealed how she arrived at one of her life mantras: that it’s really liberating to say no to shit you hate.

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