Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Pamela Stone

pam stone

She is an award-winning writer herself, but next week, Pamela Stone will return to the Oral Fixation stage to talk about how it was her daughter’s literal “Writing On The Wall” of their home that helped the two connect during those awkward teen years.

Pamela Stone is an award-winning journalist and author whose articles have appeared in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times syndicates. Her book, A Woman’s Guide to Living Alone, is nationally distributed. She says that writing is in her DNA. Her father often rose at dawn to write Japanese haikus.

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“Two Peas In A Pod” featuring Danny Fulgencio

Theme: “Two Peas In A Pod”
Storyteller: Danny Fulgencio

Struggling writer Danny Fulgencio, describes falling in love with an equally lost but beautiful photographer. Though her parents viewed him as their “daughter’s rebellion,” the couple moved to picturesque Hawaii together. Nevertheless, their relationship was declining rapidly. Against the backdrop of paradise, the couple endured excruciating turmoil and heartache, including an unwanted pregnancy, as they struggled to make ends meet. Danny’s portrayal of love gained and lost takes the audience on a visceral journey that tugs at every emotion.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Rene Rivera


With a brave face and a strong defense mechanism, she looked past the “Writing On The Wall” for longer than most anyone else would have tolerated. And next week Rene Rivera will take the Oral Fixation stage to share how she finally came to grips with her husband’s mental illness. 

Rene Rivera is from Oklahoma City. She is a mother of two teenage boys, who are the light of her life, and the thorn in her side at the same time. She is currently a business analyst for a health care compliance company. Rene enjoys the outdoors, traveling and being active. When she wants to escape from the world, she binges on Netflix.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Candy Evans

candys dirt

She always figured she’d resume her writing career once the kids left for college, but she had no idea just how far it would take her the second time around. This month, Candy Evans takes the Oral Fixation stage to talk about starting one of Dallas’ first real estate blogs and finding her way to reality TV for “Writing On The Wall.”

Candy Evans is an Internet entrepreneur, and founder of  CandysDirt.comSecondShelters.com  and MidlandDirt.com, named Best Real Estate Blog by NAREE. She also writes for New Geography, Inman Real Estate News , Katy Trail Weekly, CultureMap and Modern Luxury Dallas. She is regarded as a social media visionary for real estate.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Phillip Morales

Phillip Morales

He’s willing to eagerly test the universe’s paradoxes. And next week, Phillip Morales will take the Oral Fixation stage to reminisce about the first time he literally saw his “Writing On The Wall,” and realized his true calling.

Phillip Morales is an avid writer and holds a degree in screenwriting from SMU. He’s spent his career writing and producing films, theater plays and digital videos. By day, he is a multimedia producer for a local non-profit and by night he is editor-in-chief of Mercado Bilingüe.

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Our Eyes are Fixed On: R. Jane Hardin


She’s been told she’s far more interesting than she looks. And you won’t believe the tale of perseverance that former teen bride R. Jane Hardin will tell next week on the Oral Fixation stage for “Writing On The Wall.”

R. Jane Hardin recently returned to Dallas from Austin after decades away, and is enjoying her new life in the Cedars neighborhood. She discovered a love of memoir writing after years of telling her family history stories – tales uncannily reminiscent of a Larry McMurtry western.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Rhoni Golden


She can handle any shit the world throws her way. And next week Rhoni Golden will take the Oral Fixation stage, using her poop-filled tales to spread some honest to goodness autism awareness in “Writing On The Wall.”

Rhoni Golden lives in Lakewood, where life is never dull. She shares her house with a husband, three children, two dogs and two hermit crabs. Four years ago, she traded in her job as a physical therapist to become an advocate for her son. She owes her sanity to yoga and a good attitude.

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Meet & Greet the Cast of “Writing On The Wall” at The Wild Detectives


Get to know the cast of “Writing On The Wall”
before the show!

Please join The Wild Detectives in welcoming Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales), Dallas’ buzzy live storytelling series, to Oak Cliff for a special intimate Meet & Greet event on Wednesday, March 11th from 7:30-9p.m.!

After receiving a record number of story submissions, March’s Oral Fixation show is already shaping up to be a breathtaking show features a dizzying array of points of view that will wow you. Grab a notebook and pen and settle in, because for our penultimate show of Season 4, seven Dallasites will boldly face up the unshakable truth in “Writing on the Wall.”

Storytellers include:

  • Rhoni Golden, who shares a hysterical tale of the poop-smeared trials of having an autistic child.
  • Rene Rivera, who shares how she is finally forced to recognize her husband’s mental illness.
  • Haven Abedin, who reveals the kindness of strangers after her ailing mother takes a terrible fall.
  • Phillip Morales,  who credits a childhood fight with his discovering his passion for words.
  • R. Jane Hardin, who takes us back to 1968 when an unplanned pregnancy turned into domestic violence.

Creator Nicole Stewart will be in attendance with the cast of storytellers before their March 16th & 25th “Writing On The Wall” shows. Enjoy the always fantastic literary atmosphere at The Wild Detectives and learn how you can plug into this sizzling story-loving community as an audience member, a story-sharer or both!

Check out scenes from our last Meet & Greet event for “Two Peas In A Pod”…

At this *FREE* event, join us for a creative conversation about the editing process, excerpts from “Writing On The Wall” stories, testimonials from past storytellers and a DRAWING FOR FREE TIX TO “Writing On The Wall” at Texas Theatre! Beverages (beer, wine, coffee & more) and light bites will be available for sale. RSVP on the Facebook event page now.

Don’t forget to get your tickets now for the “Writing On The Wall” show on Monday, March 16th, at the Wyly, or Wednesday, March 25th, at Texas Theatre. Tickets are on sale now!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Haven Abedin

Haven Abedin - Oral Fixation Picture

She truly believes we’re all in this together. And in a couple weeks, Haven Abedin will take the Oral Fixation stage to talk about the “Writing On The Wall” that led her to this conclusion.

Haven Abedin grew up in East Dallas and amuses her East Coast relatives by saying “y’all.” Still an East Dallas girl, she teaches Composition and British Literature at Brookhaven College. Haven loves pie, Mad Men, her family and her pups.

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“Two Peas In A Pod” featuring Trish Batson

Theme: “Two Peas In A Pod”
Storyteller: Trish Batson

The hilarious and fierce Trish Batson introduced the Oral Fixation audience to her two personalities: “Black Trish” and “White Trish.” After her behavior during an argument at work led to unshakable repercussions — including being passed on by co-workers for promotions she deserved — Trish humbly learned how to balance both sides of her personality. Eventually, Trish managed to strike the perfect balance between harnessing her emotions while remaining true to herself.

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