Oral History: Out From Under The Rug [Austin]


On Monday, October 10, 2016 Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales) produced its first-ever show outside of Dallas at the regionally recognized Zach Scott Theatre in central Austin. 150 Austinites packed the jaw-droppingly beautiful space with anxious energy. “What is Oral Fixation? And what will a show about abortion be like? Not depressing I hope,” they may have been thinking.  But the group of men and women who shared their own, true personal stories related to abortion took them on an emotionally positive and healing journey through women’s reproductive lives. After the performance, the lobby was buzzing with strangers greeting each other. With tears in their eyes, they shared deep gratitude to the storytellers for their courage in speaking out. Some people divulged their own abortion stories in show of support. The show in Austin was undoubtedly impactful and made even more special by the presence of two documentary film crews. Stay tuned for more #SweepOutTheShame to come!

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“Icing On The Cake” featuring Megan Mayo

Theme: “Icing On The Cake”
Storyteller: Megan Mayo

With heaping portions of sweetness and laughter, Megan Mayo kicked off the night perfectly. Her true tale of wrangling her toddler to help deliver her husband a semi-homemade birthday cake and surprise celebration resonated with every parent present. “Our finished cake didn’t resemble the picture on the box at all,” she lamented to loads of laughter.

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It’s Showtime!


Dallas’ beloved live storytelling series for adults returns tonight with the penultimate show of its 5th season at the stunning Dallas City Performance Hall in the heart of the Arts District. This month’s “Pulling Teeth” theme will really help you sink your teeth into spring. Funnier than laughing gas and more effective than Novocain, “Pulling Teeth” is just what the dentist ordered.


Oral Fixation’s fifth season, continues with “Pulling Teeth.” There, eight Dallasites will explore both the literal and the figurative meanings of having a “Pulling Teeth,” with tales of braces, cavities, drug addictions and dying parents. Oh, and poop. The prognosis is positive, but you must fill your prescription.


Have you ever been to Dallas City Performance Hall?  It is simply amazing. Located at 2520 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201, the venue is situated between the Wyly Theatre and One Arts Plaza, across the street from Booker T. Washington High School in the heart of the Arts District.  From the comfortable built-in movie theatre-style seating to the fact you can bring your alcoholic beverages into the theatre to its state of the art lights, video and sound capabilities, it is going to rock your world! Valet and self-parking is available at One Arts Plaza, surface lots on Ross Avenue or park free at a meter on Ross. Surrounding dining options before the shows include Lark on the Park, Proof + Pantry, Savor and Stephen Pyles. You’re going to want to make a habit of catching up with friends at our shows and hitting the town.


$25 individual tickets can be purchased at the door, by phone at (888) 454-4353, or online through Prekindle. Group and student discounts are available. Students show their ID at the door for $15 tickets.

“Too Many Cooks” Featuring Jim Kuenzer

Theme: “Too Many Cooks”
Storyteller: Jim Kuenzer

An OF vet, Jim Kuenzer, took everyone back to the ’80s on a road trip with his college buddies. The audience laughed out loud at this journey with a car full of “sous chefs” on a haphazardly planned escapade to New Orleans.

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Submit Now For Our Next Show: “Partner In Crime”



What does it mean?

– A criminal accomplice, or a close associate of another. (source: Wiktionary).

– someone who you do something with, especially something that other people do not approve of. (source: Macmillan Dictionary).

someone who assists in a plot. (source: TheFreeDictionary.com).

Example Sentences:

We always get in trouble together. you’re my partner in crime!

Whew, I’m glad we finally finished that project! Gimme five my partner in crime!

(source:Urban Dictionary)

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Oral History: “Best of Season 4”

Storytelling took over the Dallas Museum of Art Saturday night with Oral Fixation’s presentation of the “Best of Season 4.”  Many first-timers attended the show and were moved to tears and laughter by the incredible lineup of storytellers selected from fan favorites from last season.

After a brief summer hiatus, Oral Fixation returned to Horchow Auditorium with an evening of true-life tales representing the very best storytelling Dallas has to offer.  This Saturday night event packed the house to the gills with a diverse audience that was buzzing with energy.  Creator Nicole Stewart took the stage to announce the upcoming 5th season’s new venue, dates and themes.  A short video featuring clips of the storytellers backstage folllowed.

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“Push the Envelope”

pʊš ðə ɛnvəlop

What does it mean?

to stretch established limits, as in technological advance or social innovation. (source: Dictionary.com)

to go further than the usual limits by doing something new, dangerous, etc.: We’re really pushing the envelope on this technology; a lot of other companies are just playing catch-up. (source Cambridge Dictionary).

-to approach the limits of what is possible or acceptable

Example Sentences:

My best friend likes to push the envelope when we go drinking by forcing me to drink too much.

My cousin is always pushing the envelope by criticizing his parents in rude ways.

Our teacher pushes the envelope by asking us to do activities that are very difficult.

A: Is everything okay?
B: Yes.
A: I don’t want to push the envelope, but what would you think if we started dating other people?
B: We’re married! That’s totally unacceptable!

(source: Idiom Meanings)

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Announcing Season 5 & More!


We’ve Got News!

WHOO HOO! It’s time to announce our Season 5 venue, dates, themes & a new partnership. Here’s all the info you need to know about your favorite live storytelling series for adults. We can’t wait to start receiving your story submissions and get the best in Dallas storytelling up on our stage! Drum roll please…
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Best of Season 4 Cast Announced at Season 4 Wrap Party!


Recapping Season 4

Our Season 4 wrap party was a very special afternoon.  50 storytellers, members and sponsors mixed and mingled among the friendly sculptures at Dallas artist Brad Oldham’s studio store on Ross downtown near the Aquarium.  Deep Eddy provided delicious cocktails and Dive Restaurant offered light bites to celebrate the past season.  From adding a second performance at Texas Theatre and the free “Meet & Greet the Cast” event in Oak Cliff to record ticket sales averaging 400 a month to great sponsors and increased donations, it was a remarkable year.  The group gathered to hear the announcement of who had been voted to favorite storytellers of Season 4. Read more

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