Peter Luby


Peter Luby told his first story at Oral Fixation in January 2015 at the show “Slippery Slope,” and he really, really loved it. Really: he still has the 22 rehearsal versions of that story recorded in the voice memos on his phone. He grew up in Arlington and Fort Worth listening to the incredibly interesting stories of his parents and sister. As an adult he has lived in Vermont, California, and Morocco where he listened to the incredibly interesting stories of his wife. Peter is a former AmeriCorps and Peace Corps volunteer and works as a grant writer for SafeHaven of Tarrant County. He has written songs, essays, sketch comedy, and short fiction, produced radio stories and made short films, and he wants to keep doing all of that stuff forever, plus maybe write comic books.

As Oral Fixation membership coordinator, Peter manages member benefits and works to help engage members with the show and with each other. He is very excited to get to work with Oral Fixation members who all have this pretty great thing in common: loving stories.

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