Miss the Boat!

/mis/ /T͟Hē/ /bōt/

missed the boat

What Does it Mean?

1. to miss out (on something); to be ignorant (of something).

2. to have made an error; to be wrong.

3. to be too late to get something that you want

We are looking for stories of missed opportunities and major mistakes. Tell us about a time you missed out on true love or the job of your dreams or an important flight. Or maybe you actually missed a boat! Ever been on a cruise ship that left you at the port? Ever walked away from something/someone great by mistake? Ever been late to something that later changed your life? We want to know about it for Miss the Boat coming up in April!

We Want to Hear Your Story. Seriously. You have until tomorrow, Friday March 29th at 5 PM to send them in!

If you need some inspiration listen to “Missed the Boat” by Modest Mouse!

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Story from “One Night Stand” featuring Ryan Creery

Theme: “One Night Stand”
Storyteller: Ryan Creery

Ryan Creery’s casual screw morphs into a damaging reality check.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Karen Soltero


Lover of the sounds of keys tapping on a keyboard, thunderstorms and newcomer to the Oral Fixation stage. 

Karen Soltero is writing a memoir on sibling loss called Me Without You.  She pens a blog (www.thebrunettechronicles.com) and had the honor of attending the Breadloaf Writer’s Conference.  Karen co-owns Crowbar Cardio in Dallas.  She volunteers for the Brady Campaign (Gun Violence Prevention) and Compassionate Friends, a bereaved parent and sibling organization. Read more

Our Eyes Are Fixed On: James Dolan


Psychotherapist, lover of Dallas and newcomer to the Oral Fixation Stage

James Dolan is a lifelong resident of Oak Cliff, Texas.  He is a psychotherapist, fiction writer, member of the Writer’s Garret, Pushcart nominated poet, sometime film actor, swimmer, bike racer, husband, father.  A strange thing to say, but he loves Dallas, and Oak Cliff even more.

In James’s Opinion:

Best book read in the last decade: The Road by Cormac McCarthy, which I thought was staggering.

One thing you miss about being a kid: Tree climbing.

Favorite Dallas hangout: My front porch.

If you could meet anyone alive or dead, who: Carl Jung.

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