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“Too Many Cooks”



What does it mean?

– When too many people work together on a project, the result is inferior. (source: Dictionary.com).

– used for saying that something may be done badly if too many people try to do it together. (source: Macmillan Dictionary).

Example Sentences:

There were so many people working on the same project, no one knew what anyone else was doing. I think it was a case of too many cooks.(source: The Free Dictionary).

“That project failed miserably, there were five people in charge of it and no one could come to an agreement, just too many cooks in the kitchen” (source: Urban Dictionary).

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“Destination America” featuring Zarni White

Theme: “Destination America”
Storyteller: Zarni White

The adorable Zarni White charmed the audience with her tale of how different her life is now versus growing up as a dirt poor orphan in Burma. From “gross” Western-style toilets to learning to follow the rules of the road when driving, Zarni highlighted the changes in her life while also sharing how she’s been able to give back through her work with refugees in Texas.

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“Push The Envelope” featuring Donald Griswold

Theme: “Push The Envelope”
Storyteller: Donald Griswold

Donald Griswold tells the story of an emotional journey of how the adoption experience brought out the worst in him but eventually ended up saving his life.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Allison Hatfield

allison and peluso driving

For Allison Hatfield it’s all dogs all the time. This month, the veteran storyteller returns to the Oral Fixation stage for the third time for “In the Doghouse,” where she’ll talk about meeting the latest addition to her pack. 

Allison Hatfield is a lover, fighter and cupcake eater. She prefers sunrise to sunset, chocolate to vanilla and dogs to cats. This is her third time to appear on the Oral Fixation stage. Unlike in previous tales, in her story for “In the Doghouse,” she keeps all of her clothes on the whole time.

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