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“Pulling Teeth” featuring Greg Silva

Theme: “Pulling Teeth”
Storyteller: Greg Silva

Having gotten lucky and survived colon cancer, writer and improv artist Greg Silva took the audience from despair to stitches with his hilarious tale of having to poop by 5 p.m. in order to go home following surgery. “I tried thinking happy thoughts,” Greg said. “But no luck. My bags were packed — but so were my intestines.”

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Rehearsal Roundup: Icing On The Cake


This past Tuesday evening at The Grove, the Oral Fixation “Icing on the Cake” cast brought together every ingredient necessary to cook up a simply divine rehearsal. Sweeter than buttercream frosting and richer than dark chocolate, it was a multi-layered night of practice, poignancy and the right kind of yucks. After some delicious brick-oven pies from the Oak Cliff restaurant, Nova, the crew was ready to mix it up good.


With colorful tales of creative cakes that spanned decades and were packed with life lessons, freelance writer Penny Taylor kicked off the night. “Doing my story for the first time in front of others wasn’t easy,” she said. “I didn’t know I’d get that emotional.”


Sharing his tale of a road trip gone awry, management consultant John Stanton regaled the group with hilarity, moments of clarity and animal adventures galore. “When a menacing 12-point elk blocked the road for his harem to cross, we sat in quiet awe while he stared and lowered his antlers.”


Personal chef Alyssia Birnbaum’s story of competing in a network TV reality cooking show while pregnant had us all in stitches. “All I remember of filming the first two rounds was barfing into a bin under the counter,” the Mama’s Gotta Eat owner told us.


Taking us from his boyhood in rural Alabama to the moment he began saving lives by representing victims of torture seeking asylum, Human Rights Initiative Executive Director Bill Holston inspired us all. “As I heard more stories about human rights abuses, I realized I could be a voice for international human rights right here in Dallas,” explained Bill.


With her heart-wrenching and tumultuous story of giving birth to micro preemie twin girls, Valerie Stokes had us all on the edge of our seats, fighting back tears. “This is the first time some of this has ever been shared,” said Valerie, her own eyes welling up at the end of her tale. “That was not easy.”


Jacob Longoria’s slice-of-life story of how everything went wrong on his 28th birthday offered some welcome comic relief. “I felt smooth walking into work, knowing my day could only get better,” Jacob shared. Not quite. From there his day got worse — much, much worse.


Last in the lineup, Megan Mayo topped off the evening perfectly. Her bittersweet and funny tale of baking with her toddler and planning a much-deserved birthday celebration for her husband delivered the goods. “The energy of rehearsal was so positive,” said Megan. “This show is going to be amazing!”


If your appetite is whet and you’re craving more, don’t delay ➽ BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW and join us on Tuesday, May 10, at 8 p.m. for “Icing on the Cake” at the Dallas City Performance Hall in the Dallas Arts District. Reserved seats are $25, and $15 student tickets available at the door with valid ID. #ComeBeAmazed

Check out our entire batch of “Icing on the Cake” rehearsal photos in the gallery below:

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“Pulling Teeth” featuring Poonam Desai

Theme: “Pulling Teeth”
Storyteller: Poonam Desai

School psychologist Poonam Desai kicked off the night by charming the audience with her winning smile — and the story of the metal her mouth once endured to acquire it. With wit and grace, Poonam chronicled her adventures in orthodontia as well as her personal journey of achieving balance between two cultures.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: John Stanton


He wasn’t sure he ever wanted kids, but now John Stanton relishes his adventures with his three boys. Next week, he’ll take the Oral Fixation stage in “Icing on the Cake” to relive the first road trip he took with his two oldest.

John Stanton is a hospital management consultant that resides in East Dallas. He and his wife of over 20 years, Rachel, are the zookeepers for three boys, two dogs, two cats, two cockatiels, a leopard gecko and three very spoiled chickens. In an alternate universe, John is an organic gardener and master craftsman.

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